Circleboom Review – Twitter Unfollow Tool [Free App to Manage Your Twitter Account]

Frustrated due to a messy Twitter timeline?

When you join Twitter, you usually follow a lot of people even without knowing them.

Afterward, it happens that a lot to tweets gets flooded at our Twitter timeline and due to this we sometimes miss the important ones.

Sometimes it also happens that accounts we follow are fake accounts or spam.

And following such account create noise on your timeline only. So instead of getting disturbed from such an account, the best you can do is to get rid of those.

You might get plenty of followers, but there might be a huge possibility that they unfollow your and you see a huge dip amongst your followers.

You probably don’t need them either. So the question comes who unfollowed me, isn’t it?

The best solution to get rid of this problem is to unfollow the useless accountswe don’t have a business with. Well, unfollowing contact is a bit difficult task.

There are several steps that we have to follow while unfollowing a person.

In such a situation, Circleboom is a great help. Eager to know “what is Circleboom?”

What is Circleboom?

Circle Boom is a twitter unfollow tool that helps you in getting rid of unwanted people.

You can use circle boom for both your personal and business usage, add this tool also help in boosting the Twitter market.

With the help of this tool, you can easily unfollow 100 non-followers of more in a few minutes.Click To Tweet

While comparing circle boom with other Twitter unfollow tools, we find that through other Twitter unfollow tools you can only unfollow after 20 people for free. Thereafter, you need to pay a premium amount to continue the unfollowing procedure.

Who to unfollow with Circleboom?

The Ones Not Following You Back!

What do you think? Twitter is one of the finest Social Media Platform.

And in this era to grow with it only possible if you have loyal and genuine followers who are interested in your business too.

And it could be a tedious task to filter all those accounts who have not followed you back. Isn’t it?

This is where Circle Boom could be a big help finding such accounts, with some filter options as below.

For Instance, the influencers account, whom you still want to follow even if they have followed your back. Check the option “Don’t show verified.”

Check out for better insights, how this unfollow app filters all the accounts.

not following back

CircleBoom has an advanced feature of analyzing and showing those profiles who you are following but they are not following you back.

You can either unfollow them indvidually, click on unfollow button or either at one shot.

Fake Accounts & Spammers

In order to get a clear and precise Twitter Feed, it is important to get rid of Fake Accounts and also the spam accounts.

CircleBoom finds the Fake accounts and lets you remove them from your profile easily.

unfollow fake spam

Spam is everywhere and so do at twitter as well. But yeah it shouldn’t be tolerated at all.

And to minimize, a lot of spam twitter keeps on fighting against such malicious activities.

And to do so, they deploy automation and advanced technologies.

Here is what they found and elimitnated

Source: Twitter

According to Twitter, they are revoking more 214% accounts every year for violating their spam policies.

Talkative Accounts

Among all the features, there is an additional feature that Circleboom divides the accounts you follow and your Friends in categories like inactive, talkative, fake and spammer.

Along with Fake Accounts and Spammers, you should also avoid the talkative accounts as they create a lot of noise.

It also helps you in focussing on the right accounts.


Along with Fake Accounts, there are also some accounts that don’t have any profile pictures. Such accounts are known as Eggheads. These Egghead accounts are also not good to be kept in the following list.

CircleBoom Pricing:

There are three Plans of CircleBoom:

  • Always free tier: Free to use

For this pack, you don’t need to pay anything. All the features and facilities given in this pack are absolutely free. Of course with limited features only. 🙂

  • Pro Pack: $5.99 to be paid per month

If you want to use the Pro Pack you need to pay an amount of $71.88 per month.

This amount you pay will be valid for 12 months. In simple words, we can say that you need to pay around $71.88 annually.

There are some advanced features added in this pack. Through this pack, you can manage only 1 profile but with no limitations.

  • Multi-Pack. : $15.99 to be paid per month

The third is Multi pack. In order to get the facilities of this pack, you need to pay an amount of $191.88.

This amount will also be paid annually. Along with the advanced feature, there is a facility to manage 5 profiles that too without any limitations.

Top Features Of Circleboom:

There are several Features of CircleBoom. In the below section, we are providing some of them. Let’s take a look…

Twitter Unfollow Tool

Unfollow the unwanted twitter accounts could bever been easier with the cool filter options provided by Circle Boom.

Within a click, you would be able to know, who haven’t followed you back, Fake accounts, Inactive Accounts, Egg Heads and more.

Smart Hashtag & Keyword Searches

By using the CircleBoom tool you can search profiles on Twitter along with the trends’ bio/tweets that creates an interest in you.

With the help of hashtag/keyword search, you can also search for an account having mutual interests easily.

Increase your Followers

Through Circleboom it is very easy to find potential friends on twitter. You can simply classify account having the common interest as you.

Furthermore, if you are using for business purpose then you may find some beneficial customers who are followers of your competitor.

Make Friends

With the help of CircleBoom, you can easily find new friends just by scrolling existing friends’ account. Maybe you get your favorite person on the list.

Create Twitter Lists

CircleBoom also allows you to generate new Twitter lists, classify your would-be friends and followers.


Going through the statistics is very helpful in the online industry to grow even further.

Looking at that perspective CirlceBoom has also great analytics in terms of Analytics.

Which will let you explore your followers’ stats, engagement and what not. This option will be active only for the premium account holders. But completely worth getting one.

Helps In Unfollowing Fake/Spammers / Eggheads / Talkative and Non Followers

This is one of the most important features of CircleBoom.

This tool allows you to unfollow people having fake accounts, Spam Accounts, Eggheads, talkative accounts.

Furthermore, you can also classify and unfollow the accounts that you are following but they are not following you back.

Hence this was all about CircleBoom. We hope you are satisfied with the details given by us in the above content.

Hope the above-mentioned stuff is helpful for all the seekers that who have all seeking for a long time to know.

By following this content, you can get some idea about twitter unfollow tool and get ready to relieve from it and start to access the account in a smoother manner.

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8 thoughts on “Circleboom Review – Twitter Unfollow Tool [Free App to Manage Your Twitter Account]”

  1. I tried the free version. After unfollowing about 20 people it said that I’d reached my unfollow limit and had to upgrade. After that I could not use it to unfollow any more people.

  2. Hi Navin,

    Thank for sharing a review for Circleboom Review,

    It was such a grate time to know about Circleboom & this Review for Circleboom is really amazing, There are many online tools for Twitter Unfollow so choosing the right one isn’t little hard but that’s review works to know the right choice to choose.

  3. Hi Navin, this tool looks really cool. I have been using Manage Flitter for free for a while but this one sounds really good.
    I will surely test it out and even at the $4 rate that is affordable.
    Thanks for the review here on this Twitter tool. It still amazes me how many tools are out there to manage Twitter.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Good to see you here 🙂

      Yeah, it’s completely awesome as they offer a free version as well. Certainly, it has cool additional features in the pro version, and a must try out for that affordable price. I found this as one of the coolest and fastest twitter unfollow tool after trying out a lot. Have a great day!


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