8 Reasons Why Should You Stop using Facebook?

The world of social networking is growing at an unimaginably faster rate.

Social networking has become an essential part of our life that help us to stay connected with the rest of the world 24/7.

One of the biggest social networking websites that attracted a huge number of users is Facebook.

Facebook became so successful that it turned millions of people into addicts. Who even couldn’t begin their day without scrolling through their newsfeeds.

Apart from Facebook used as a source of entertainment, it has really helped people to socialize and to promote various trading activities, social events, etc.

But is that all?

What about the proportion of people who are slowly losing their place in the real world and are being sucked into the virtual void of Facebook?

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for businesses when used in the right way but as they say, everything has its own downfall. There are certain Facebook disadvantages as well.

Is it okay to stop using Facebook altogether? If so, why?

Let us look at this a little closer.

Facebook Disadvantages

1. Casual Approaches

The majority of people who use Facebook belong to teenagehood.

It is that period in life when you hardly know where to draw the line and they are vulnerable and are easily prone to get addicted.

Because of this, you lose the real connection you have with people.

Everything turns into online conversations where you can express only half of what you feel.

You lose quality time with your family and friends and you start to isolate yourself.

You start building a wall around yourself and shut everyone out. This is one of the main causes of depression.

2. Disconnecting Closer Human Bonds

The second tragic thing is Facebook reminding you of your best friend’s birthday!

What happened to those special midnight wishes?

What happened to that human bond?

Now it’s all just a “Happy birthday” in his/her timeline. That’s it!

3. Privacy

Back in those days, people preferred to keep their life private.

It is okay to want your friends to know what is happening in your life but it’s a different thing when you let the whole world see it by posting literally every second of your life online.

Too much attention can attract unwanted and unnecessary trouble in your life.

Trust me, it is always better to have pride in keeping your personal life personal.

4. Communication

Hours of phone calls have now been easily replaced by texts on the go.

Do you know what makes it even easier? The Facebook slang language.

Basically, it’s just a way of killing the English language and shortening the words as you wish because you’re just too lazy to type what you wish to convey.

5. Low Productive

Facebook is widely being used by people as the ultimate way to kill time.

When you stop using Facebook by silently reading the news feed here and there, the chances of you or your team working productively is likely to increase.

6. Security

Security is another important constraint. Facebook has all your details from your Email id to your phone number.

We all know the importance of keeping our homes and businesses protected with an alarm system (more info here) to protect against intruders. Our online security is just as important, so taking it seriously is a must!

In this era of information technology, tracking you is as easy as gobbling up a piece of cake.

Hence, a user is always advised not to share any kind of important information online which would result in compromising the account or being tracked.

7. Advertisements

A part of Facebook’s income accounts for the innumerable advertisements that are displayed in a day.

These advertisements attract people and kindle the shopaholics especially and encourage them to waste money.

Are you one of them? think about it!

8. Health

Apart from all the above-mentioned points, Facebook spoils your health as well.

Spending hours together in front of the computer screen can damage the eyes and cause headaches and mental stress.

It also physically makes you an unfit person.

If you are someone who feels you have the power to control and limit the usage of Facebook, then go ahead.

But if you feel yourself losing the grip on reality, it’s high time you stop and think.

Are you losing real life?

Think about the real and live events happening around you.

Think about your friends, your family members.

Think about going out with them and having fun. Liking and commenting on all the Facebook posts is certainly not going to create happy memories.

Focus on spending more time with your favorite people and turn every day into a beautiful and cherishable memory for life, my friend, is short.

No! to Facebook? Facebook Addiction

I know it’s extremely hard to give up something that you’ve been addicted to for such a long time.

The key to this is to take baby steps.!

Try not using Facebook for one day and then slowly increase the number of days.

See how it changes you. You will start to notice the tiny detailed events happening around you that you’ve missed out on before.

And if you feel like catching up with your friend, call him up, pick a spot and go out and have fun which is so much better than sitting in front of the computer screen all day long.

Make the most of life right now. There is no point in crying over spilled milk.

Regretting things later is pathetic and of no use. If you have any idea of quitting Facebook, don’t hesitate, there is no better time than the present to make the right choices in life.

If you have any idea of quitting Facebook, don’t hesitate, there is no better time than the present to make the right choices in life.

Let this be your resolution for the next year.

When you reflect back on the ways you’ve started living a better life, let this be one among the list.

Real-life connections with people are much better and stronger than virtual relationships.

So, make a change now. Change for the better and watch your life bloom into the most beautiful flower ever.

Final Words:

We are not against Facebook or any social media platforms here, as there are plenty of benefits too, which we have already discussed in our earlier articles. But, if you are spending too much time, getting addicted to it, or not able to be productive as before. Then probably time to think on.

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4 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why Should You Stop using Facebook?”

  1. Really I realized, m spending too much time in the social sites. And checking Facebook news feed is so repetitive in my entire day.. infact I am do addicted to it.
    Time to minize it.

    Well curated post, thanks for sharing!

    • Using Facebook wisely would be better. As Facebook is a very big social media platform and has its own benefit to get many updates.

      Thanks for stopping by and leave your valuable comment.
      Glad to know, you liked the post.

  2. I agree with your points, Anand! But there are some advantages as well like:

    I just use Facebook to keep in contact with family and friends as some of these friends I met in the group and they live too far away to phone all the time.

    • Absolutely Nikhil, every coin has two sides of it. We all try to connect with family and friends on Facebook.

      But, there are some folks gets so habituated of Facebook that, they check their newsfeed after every few seconds and minutes. This leads to doing nothing EOD.

      It’s time to put some more effort on the things which are more important to succeed in life.

      As we have said earlier we are not against at all using Facebook, there are many advantages if used properly.

      Glad you raised the point which could be helpful for the fellow readers.

      Social Media is very powerful if used properly.

      Keep visiting Nikhil, You got a great blog!


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