PowerPointify: 100+ Free Business PowerPoint Templates for your Next Presentation {High Quality}

If you are already a PowerPoint user, then you might always be seeking to find the best PowerPoint Templates to make your job better and easier. And if you heard and haven’t used yet, then you must know about its potential of this amazing tool can do good for you.

Are you a newbie to the world of PowerPoint? Do you need guidance on how to make a presentation?

Well, why don’t you rely on the PowerPoint templates to teach you that? There are some detailed descriptions of the different procedures that you might need for making a presentation. Watch that and you are all set.

In this technology-friendly world, no one really does lectures and stuff. Instead of that, there are presentations, and the same gets applicable for corporate folks in the offices. Because visual things always attract and look more appealing, isn’t it?

However, it can be safe to say that most people aren’t really a big fan of making the presentations. It is all due to the thrust that the professors or the bosses put on us.

Tell me, would you like to stand over a group of people and speak about stuff without any reason? But still, even if you hate the thought of giving presentations, it is an integral part of both your educative life and career as well. Businesses get leads because of an impactful presentation.

Yes, I do agree to make slides for your presentation certainly would be time-consuming, but here PowerPointify is to rescue, coming up with Business PowerPoint Templates with absolutely free. These templates look stunning and too captivating.

Check out one of the examples,

business free powerpoint templates

Experience the Real Power of Business PowerPoint Templates

Lucky for you, there is a singular tool that helps to prepare cool and impressive presentations that supports your speech and your content. Say hello to Microsoft PowerPoint.

This amazing slide deck is just the perfect ingredient of a fantastic recipe delivering extraordinary presentations.

This tool helps a lot in offering your POV to your audience. Doesn’t that sound like an impressive tool? That’s because it is. But why do you think it is important?

Getting Started With PowerPoint

Most people really underestimate the power of PowerPoint and it is only because they have a limited knowledge about it. As a result of that, the experience is minimal as well.

To be honest, most users just want to get away with a half-decent presentation with a show of slides. But PowerPoint is so much more than that.

If you have a pattern of dealing with PowerPoint the same way, then you couldn’t be more wrong. What you don’t know is that if PowerPoint falls in the correct hands, it is an absolutely fantastic tool.

You get impressive and stellar results. Just with a little help, you will be able to access the graphics templates of PowerPoint. Then, the game is in your hands.

But what exactly are the PowerPoint Templates? What do we know about them? Let’s find out.

What Do We Know About The Remarkable PowerPoint Templates

If you use PowerPoint, then you might have come across these slide groups that are often saved as the .potx files. Are you wondering what those are? Well, these are the PowerPoint Templates that we are talking about.

Bet you didn’t know that. These PowerPoint templates are the ones that include the theme color, layouts, the effects and other options for making the PowerPoint Presentation an impressive and effective one. These templates help to make your presentation presentable.


Why PowerPointify for your PowerPoint Templates

  • Unique Slides
  • 16:9 HD Aspect Ratio
  • High Quality Vector Graphics
  • Easily Export in .JPG, even .PDF
  • Premade-made color
  • Edit with ease
  • Retina Ready Templates
  • Drag Drop Place Holders
  • and more

There are some very valid reasons why we consider the PowerPoint templates to be useful in case of preparing presentations. When you have PowerPoint templates, you can have everything in a presentation.

There is nothing that these templates cannot do. Don’t believe us? Well, you can take a look at some of the main advantages of having the free PowerPoint templates and you will definitely change your mind.


  • The PowerPoint templates are very much affordable and cheap. There are many different companies that are known for providing subscriptions and packages for these templates. So, even if you are not on a budget, worry not.


  • Never again do you have to worry about petty issues like modifying the background themes and changing the images. The design elements that are in the best PowerPoint templates can help you out with that. These elements are so easy to use that they provide a hassle-free experience to the users.
  • The customization of the presentation becomes really easy when you have something that is as efficient as the PowerPoint template. Specifications such as border width modification, region color, text editing, image editing, graphics, and other benefits are in addition to the list of impressive features.

Do you have to be a Designer?

  • This brings us to our third advantage. With PowerPoint templates, you don’t have to be an expert. The easy processes of use make it quick and efficient. All you have to do is select your option and wait for the results.
  • You understand the value of professional presentations, right? With the help of the amazing diagrams that are present in the templates, you can do that easily. Now you don’t have to go anywhere else for making your presentation more proficient. Whether it is a business proposal or a meeting, your presentation will show your professionalism to the best degree.

Example of Marketing Infographic can be created by using the free business PowerPoint Templates,

PowerPointify Inforgraphics

What PowerPointify Offer for Free

The Free PowerPoint templates are the best for offering a classy design to the presentation. Apart from that, they also have other specific contents such as the font sizes, bullets, different color schemes, placeholders, diagram charts and what not. The list goes on.

When you have these best PowerPoint templates, you don’t even have to worry about the presentation quality and impressive graphics. They will do it for you. Now that’s something helpful, right? That is exactly what the PowerPoint templates are here for.

In PowerPoint, you will get many free PowerPoint templates but there are also options for creating these templates the way you want. All you have to do is have a little bit of a creative streak and you are all set.


Our Verdict On PowerPoint Templates from PowerPointify

The beneficial PowerPoint templates help a great deal that can be a help to both beginners as well as the professionals.

The reign of PowerPoint has just begun with business, schools, universities, offices even bloggers trying to adopt it. It is certainly safe to say that with the help of free business PowerPoint templates, you will be able to effectively present your points and content to the audience.

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  1. Hello
    I am a big fan of PowerPoint. It is one of the best softwares to create projects as well as for presenting them. There are many PowerPoint templates available, but choosing the right one for your project is a little bit hard task. But, when we have templates like Powerpointify then creating a mesmerizing presentation will be easy.

    Here, great to know about PowerPoint PowerPointify templates. And, thanks for the infographic it does make easier to understand.

    Thanks for sharing. Will share this post.

    Have a great day ahead.
    Praveen verma

    • Hi Praveen,

      Yes, Good visuals always attract. And a presentation with those are doesn’t make any sense. Glad you liked the share.

      Have a great day ahead!

  2. Dude. This is amazing. I’ll be saving this and coming back later to download. Thanks for this. I thought I was the only one who made infographics in PowerPoint!!

  3. Hi Navin,
    Your post is a great share for everyone, including business leaders in all industry. Presentation is a great way to scale your business as it present you as being credible. But to have success, you need to know the do’s and don’ts of presentation. But with the templates to work with, it becomes a lot easier.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Navin,

    Love to do slide share videos when I am producing products. It makes it easy for a person to see and hear a message.


  5. Interesting article Navin.
    I have mac computers so I can’t use powerpoint. However I use the mac version keynote and can’t live without it. Like powerpoint, we need it for presentations, engaging with customers, and so much more.
    You have done such a great comprehensive explanation about powerpoint and now I can understand what people are talking about.

    • That’s great to hear Donna, that you are already using Keynote. These days the PowerPoint templates are compatible with most of the platforms like Google Slides, as well as with Libre to make use of. Yes, well said, visuals are always a good way to engage with the customers and readers.

      Have a great day ahead!

  6. Powerful share Navin! I’ve done little presentation-wise since leaving the 9-5. All video these days. But noted should I go this route with Blogging From Paradise. Thanks for sharing brother 🙂


    • Love your videos, Ryan! Although could make sense to use the slides as well. As Visual things always attract more people…

      Glad you liked 🙂 , have a great day ahead!


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