Hide All IP Review: Amazing VPN to Surf Web Anonymously and Securely

In the case you are still in the dark about what HideAllip really is, it will do you good to know that it is one of the world’s leading IP hide software. It is a very lightweight VPN software to make use of. I just loved it.

This not only protects your IP address from the various cyber practitioners of snooping but also all of your applications and games are kept secure by means of this software. There are several more reasons why you should start using VPN software.

This particular software has steadily gained popularity for the simple reason that it is highly effective in securing your web browsing and other activities on the computer.

In addition to that, this particular software also allows you as its user to surf the internet anonymously so as to be able to prevent theft of identity which is an ever-increasing practice nowadays.

In short, once you get your hands on this software hackers will be disallowed from ever conducting any kind of intrusions in your web browsing experience.

How do Hide All IP VPN works

When you are surfing the internet, it is mandatory for your IP address to link all of your activities on the internet directly to your system. However, such a practice also runs the risk of leaking your IP address to any hacker on the internet.

HideAllip, which is essentially one of the best VPN for pc prevents such a breach of security from happening by changing the IP address of your system to the private server IP address that belongs to them.

This also results in all your internet activities getting directed towards us which then gets secured within the encrypted servers of the internet which results in all neighboring internet servers to be able to look at only a fake IP address, which even if they copy will serve them no purpose at all.

How To Make Use of this VPN

It is important that you are made aware of the correct way in which you must go about the process of securing your IP address and internet activities for this will provide your system with the privacy you require.

All you will be required to do first is to change your original IP address which by now may have been intercepted by hackers and then go into the software and click on the option that says “connect”.

Upon doing this, your IP address will instantly be hidden from the whole world. You must also consider changing your location without worry.

These best VPN also covers such a thing for their servers are located all over the world, and the moment you change your locations, your original IP address is changed through our server and protected within our encrypted boundaries no matter what your location is.

Similarly, you also have the option of changing your country identity and click on the Connect button to effect the new change and record it within the VPN.

How To Download This Software?

In case you are looking for ways in which you can start best VPN for pc free download process for this software you are in the right place for this article is going to familiarize you with how to just that.

It is first important for you to understand that this particular software is only available for download in 32 and 64 bit Windows editions which mean anything from Windows SP to 2003 to the 7 or 8 versions should be good to go.

The following are the detailed steps in which you can download the software for free and make as much use of this best VPN for streaming software as you can:

Getting Started

You will first be required to run through the standard procedure of getting the application running on a PC that has any of the above mentioned operating systems. You must also download an installer. Try to run it and then click on the instructions that the setup wizards are going to provide for you.

You will then be able to see four tabs on the lower right-hand side of the application’s interface which will have options for the type of Servers, Connections, Other Configurations, Hide IP Rules.

When you launch the software the server’s tab will then be displayed before you, and they will be divided into two categories.

The category on the left will give you a list of the servers that you have permission to connect to while the category on the right will display shortcuts that aid in launching the browser. You also have the option of creating any number of shortcuts that you will need.

All the Servers of Hide All IP VPN

Highlighted More Features of Hide All IP

It will do you well that this particular VPN is not only a gem for the purpose of securing your internet details and location.

But also aids you in a number of different tasks that range from changing your system’s IP address, changing the location that you are listed under and data transfers can be made encrypted by making use of a 128-bit algorithm.

In addition to that this Best VPN for streaming software is also ideal for adding as many shortcuts as you need, hiding all the new applications that you wish to keep private and changing your IP address every few minutes or hours automatically.

Change your IP Address Swiftly

Once the launching has been done, all you will be required to do is pick any server from the list that has been allotted to you and click on the Connect option. This connection will give you the protection of a Fake IP address which will help you surf the internet in an incognito mode.

Prevents WebRTC IP Leak

An Innovative technology is always being appreciated, and WebRTC is one of them. Basically, RTC stands for Real-Time Communication. Which is particularly designed for web browsers like Chrome, Mozilla, Opera etc.

If you already know about WebRTC, then you might have thought of, an IP address can be detected even is a VPN is used. There is where Hide All IP makes the difference, it creates a highly secured WebRTC work mode. So that the IP’s will be hidden to rest of the world and prevents any kind of malfunction through the IP leakage.

No Logging Policy

Although it has been observed that some of the VPN’s record the entire activities for their customers without letting them know despite tending to have a zero logging policy. It is something like hiding your data from one and giving it someone else.

But, whereas Hide All IP is concerned they offer a complete zero logging policy, so even they won’t able to know what you surf the internet.

Unique Support for UDP Game and Torrents

In this era, there are plenty of apps and games which is particularly based on the TCP(Transmission), Hide All IP has a unique support for those and the best part even for the UDP Games as well. And such things are very much loved by the Multiplayer Gamers.

If you are a torrent lover, then you will love this amazing and secure VPN for your daily use which provides robut security.

Access TV Internet

I am sure you are an internet savvy, in fact, we all are and watch plenty of movies, videos through TV Internet.

You might have observed that many of the Internet TV providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, BBC actually don’t let the users do it, with their subscriptions by tracing their IP location.

This is where a VPN like HideAllip came to the rescue, all you need to do is connect with any of the servers from it and you are good to go.

Remote DNS Lookups

You can swiftly avoid the fake DNS and trace with this amazing VPN. So your data is in an absolute safe zone and there is no chance of data leakage from the DNS and the best part it can be accessed from the remote locations as well.

Compatibility and Pricing

Although, it’s compatible with all the Operating systems with a reasonable and affordable cost of only $29 for a one-year subscription. They offer a trial period for it. In addition to that, there is also a 30-day money back guarantee if it didn’t satisfy your needs.

Sounds cool, isn’t it? So, this VPN can be opted without any hesitation to keep your browsing safe and secure.

Final Thoughts on The Best VPN – Hide All IP

It must also be made known to you that in case you are apprehensive about the degree of efficacy this particular software is going to provide and are in two minds about investing money on it.

It will do you good to know that you can get your hands on this software for a kind of a free trial for the first five days so that you can understand if it is really in accordance with your needs.

After this, you will be guided by a pop-up message which will remind you that the trial period is getting over and if you wish to buy the software now.

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      Certainly security is always a big concern in the internet world. One should keep an eye and be aware of that and take some required measurement, so that no one could sneak into your personal data.

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