Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin Review

Do you love creating websites in WordPress?

Yeah, it’s fun and every website would teach you something and the process would become a great learning curve.

Doesn’t matter new or old website, your visitors would not like to see a cluttered or an incomplete website.

I know it takes time to create a stunning website going through all the customization and designing it in the WordPress backend.

I have a simple question, what do you do in the process of creating websites?

You might say, simply get an awesome keyword rich domain. Or probably a unique one suits best according to the niche of your website upon and a reliable hosting service to host all the files.

Completely agreed, but as said it’s not about putting a basic website live. You need to create awesome content, which would certainly be going to take time.

But, meanwhile, it won’t be wise to leave you the website just like that and leave a bad impact on the readers.

This is where creating a coming soon page for free will make sense to communicate with the visitors and let them know about the progress and probably about the launch date as well.

Although it observed that seldom people use to forgot to add a coming soon page and lose their brand credibility.

If you always wanted to have an advanced Coming soon and Maintenace mode page then unlocking the premium features of this WP plugin would make sense.

Let’s hop into and see what it has to offer to be a premium plugin.

Coming Soon WordPress Plugin Well known For

Pre Built Themes

Who doesn’t like to get a kick start and save a lot of time? There are more than 60+ well structured coming soon and maintenance mode themes to choose from. So, you bucket it huge to get started.

Certainly, you will find the one which you would love and plan the content. As it gets you started sooner as possible so that you can spend that valuable time on something more important and productive.


Design your own Layout

Although there are more to it, if the above 60+ inbuilt themes which come from this coming soon wp plugin doesn’t grab your eyes, then you can easily be built you own as well just like any other page builders.


Yeah, you head it right a page builder functionality in a maintenance mode plugin. This is pretty rare and that makes this minimal coming soon page stand out.

Check out the below image, how easily it can be done through drag and drop editor.

Drag and Drop Editor

coming soon layout

To make it further simple, this WP plugin offers 40,000+ high-resolution images to help you in the process of creating your own maintenance mode page.

Quick Setup 

While applying coming soon page for a website owner, the first important thing is how quickly the plugin can be configured and see it in action.

As this plugin comes up with the default themes, so you can easily switch your newly created website to maintenance with just one button switch. Yeah, it’s that easier.

In general, that’s enough. But, although if you would like to put your hands on to touch other settings and make you coming soon page more advanced it has tons of features.

In Built SEO Setup

Just like Yoast SEO Plugin, it has an integrated SEO features through which you can easily let the page appear as you want to. Just like as you do on page SEO.

As its known that search engines like Google crawls the page and updates the same in the SERP. So, likewise, it would do the same and present it in the Google snippets.

So, it would be great to add some Titles, meta tag description etc. Make it the way you want it to appear in the search results.

In Built SEO Setup

coming soon seo

Apart from adding those details, you can also block the search engines to crawl your websites. It analyzes more than 20 SEO factors and lets you know what to be done to make it more SEO friendly.

Adding facebook URL, Twitter handles to connect with your readers swiftly. And most importantly allows you to track your, visitors. That means by adding a Google Analytics ID in the coming soon page itself you can start tracking your number of visitors,   their location, devices and more.

Content Animations

Well, nothing wrong, in garnishing your recipe. I am sure you are creating an awesome website, but meanwhile, to make the coming soon page look better, you can add some

  • animation text,
  • boxes to provided that advanced website looks and leave an impact on the visitor.

There is more than 46+ predefined animation to pick from so far to choose from, which is incredible. These animations would just be like a cherry on the cake. You can easily get a stunning maintenance mode page in no time.

Incorporating such animation will surely grab the eyes of your visitors and will be played only one initially so that it should not bother later and they can focus on what you have to convey with them through your content.

Easily Share Website Access

There are many scenarios when probably you need to share the website access to someone to view it. For instance, you are creating a website for your client and they would like to view the progress of it.

Then what would you do?

Removing the coming soon page, so that they can see it live? Probably that would be a bad idea. Obviously, the purpose of adding a maintenance mode page may be useless in that scenario if your visitors see’s it.

Drag and Drop Editor

coming soon website access

Fortunately, minimal coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugin offer an awesome option through which you can easily share the access to any specific people without making it live.


Email Collection Method

Gathering emails are always been the toughest job, so why not to do it from the first day. Add a subscription for to your maintenance mode landing page.

Yeah, turn your visitors into your subscriber. This is an awesome way of marketing your content further. The more loyal subscriber you have better sales you could make further.

Yeah, but branding required, which we are already doing through the awesome maintenance mode page.

So, if you are missing email out the time and planning to start collecting emails later, it would be a bad idea.

Now, is the time.

Pricing of Minimal Coming Soon WP Plugin

So does this Coming soon page features impressed you?

No one could deny from it. As its a fair deal, you can always try the free coming soon WordPress plugin if you are still unsure of the same.

Fair enough isn’t it, and the rest of the robust options can be unlocked with the premium version, which is certainly a worth go as you have to make the payment once and can be enjoyed for the lifetime.


Final Words on Coming Soon WordPress Plugin

The size of the blog or website doesn’t matter. All that matters is credibility, what you are going to present to your readers and how do you impress them.

If you feel that the first impression is the last impression then you have to go ahead and install a maintenance mode WordPress plugin for all your newly created sites.

Its recommended, even for old sites, while the customization and work going on the WordPress backend. I believe this minimal coming soon and maintenance mode WordPress plugin is really going to be handy.


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