Benefits of Email Marketing: LevelUp Your Marketing Strategy

There could be several kinds of traffic sources your website gets organic, social media, referral, direct, and more.

But, ignoring email marketing would be a bad idea.  Email marketing exists there for a long time and still tends to get the best results.

Although social media has emerged a lot, still Email Marketing tends to provide much better results. As 94% of the internet users, constantly uses emails, whereas 61% uses social media. That itself tells the whole story and opens the doors of opportunities.

Your potential customers are more likely to go through an email when it compared to Social Media.

As your Social Media post might or might not gets visible to the potential customers you like to target, whereas every email delivered by you will definitely get in their inbox.

If its unsure what is email marketing and how it works at all, read on! As you would be able to get how to do email marketing in a smarter way.

What is email marketing and how does it work

If that question has arisen what is email marketing and how does it work at all? Then let me explain this in a little detail.

The basic purpose of email marketing is to promote your product and services too throughout the globe, instead of just spreading a word around you. Here is what email marketing definition according to Wikipedia.

There could be many more purposes like building strong relationships with your readers and your existing clients or those who could be.

This is one of the ways to build the online presence as well, which alternatively known as Internet Marketing too.

How do Email Marketing works

As everything is completely based on the electronic system instead of those traditional mailing systems, so it gets delivers without few fractions of seconds.

Isn’t that impressive? through drafting some content into it, one could reach thousands of potential customers in lesser time.

But, as the whole world is running behind it to promote their services online so likely more emails land into the spam folder of the users. which could be the waste of time.

As in this era, no one gives a damn look to the spam folder at all, for the very obvious reasons.

And realizing the same, many folks these are the absolute disadvantage of Email Marketing. But, that’s not the case, a successful email marketing relies on several things.

So, how to go about for an effective Email?

Smarter Approach Towards Email Marketing

Those days have gone, when in the initial days, people use to just throw some content and links through emails. Can’t be considered anymore as it looks like spammy and phishing emails.

Though sending emails haven’t changed, but going according to the trend and people’s behavior towards it, the way of email Marketing precisely have been changed a lot and certainly, it should be.

In this era as people know, about Internet Marketing, and hesitate to click on all the emails. Although still, the average email opening rate is 30%, which is not bad at all.

And to get it much better, in this scenario, email Marketing has to be taken to the next level by smarter approaches to increase the CTR.

There are few a ways which tend to give results, and HubSpot explains types of email marketing to be considered. Here is an example of a professional lead nurturing email looks like.

Lead Nurturing emails

Image Source: Hubspot

Important aspects to consider in Email Marketing Strategy

There are several email marketing tips to be considered before creating and executing a campaign, here are few of crucial ones,

What To Do

  • Proper Email Personalization
  • Decent and professional Formatting
  • Very Informative and short introductions
  • Responsive Emails
  • Educating emails, instead only promotional

What No to Do

  • Don’t Spam {no frequent emails, schedule and plan it}
  • Not to use the same kind of email Templates for every campaign
  • Send only Readable Content (Not too many links)

The Subject should be curious and clickable, make the email brief and short at the same time informative too. As no one in this era has a lot of time to go through a lot.

Apart from the catchy and headline, compelling introduction of the email plays a vital role in the clicks and conversions. You might have a lot of email subscribers of your website or blogs, but a surprise element always needs to be thrown on their way.

Sending Responsive Emails

Making the email responsive is very crucial, as most of the internet users are on mobile most of the time. So the email should be properly visible at any size of the devices.

And if your competitor is failing to do so, you have the opportunity.  Check out the survey report mobile users frustrated by the email non-responsiveness.

Image Source: Business 2 Community

Offering some exciting deals and discounts to the new customers or any additional benefits to the existing customers as well tends to bring a lot of traffic and users to be very loyal and connected.

Use Opt-in Forms

Using opt-in forms are the smarter way of collecting emails in your own niche.

This will create a huge email list around your industry, and importantly as they have self-opted in and subscribed so they are more likely to be interested in your product or services. This is an ultimate basic email marketing strategy.

Here, you got to make sure the opt-in form looks eye-catching and compelling with some text and great graphics.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Although there are several benefits, here are a few,

Key benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most simple and less time consuming the way to promoting the products and tools and at the same time with minimum marketing cost.

  • Less Time Consuming and More promotions
  • Very low cost
  • A great approach towards branding
  • Allows targeting users by Demographics
  • Analytics {Click through rate, Bounce rate, Conversions etc}

And to achieve all such results, few best email marketing tools like SendPulse and OptinMonster can be considered. Along with several personalization emails it allows to send emails in bulk.

And on the other hand, if you are a Gmail fan like me, then GMass would be a great fit. It provides a chrome extension that allows you o send personalized emails in bulk directly from Gmail. Another Gmail extension worth checking out is Right Inbox a recurring email tool in Gmail.

Who doesn’t want to save time and money and getting more leads and sales at the same time? And in addition, you could also be able to track the users who convert in customers.

Sounds cool?

That means when you create an email campaign, the users who step in and buy your product will be traced through the emails.

And that lets you know where the traffic sources are from on their Dashboard with beautiful graphical statistics.

Final Words on Email Marketing

Email Marketing would be continuing to the best and way to get more sales and leads. As said above its easier, professional and cheaper than any other promotional way.

Targeting the email around your industry, and collect it through your channels.

As those are the people who could be inserted into your product and services and could provide the best ROI. A properly formatted email tends to provide the best.

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13 thoughts on “Benefits of Email Marketing: LevelUp Your Marketing Strategy”

  1. Sir i am new blogger in blogging industry and in learning stage

    And really this amazing in depth article help me to know some more strategies


  2. Hi
    Glad to read this post. Building up an email list is crucial for every blogger. Yes, there are lots of benefits of email marketing and you have well explained about it in this post.

    Every blogger should start creating an email list from the beginning. Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your product and services to your potential customers.

    Yes, it is very necessary to create compelling opt-in forms because it helps in grabbing attention of your blog’s visitor.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma

  3. Hi
    Glad to read this post. Building up an email list is crucial for every blogger. Yes, there are lots of benefits of email marketing and you have well explained about it in this post.

    Every blogger should start creating an email list from the beginning. Email marketing is one of the best ways to promote your product and services to your potential customers.

    Yes, it is very necessary to create compelling opt-in forms because it helps in grabbing attention of your blog’s visitor.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    Best wishes,
    Praveen Verma

  4. Hii Navin,

    Another great article. I have a site kinda similar to scoopwhoop. Do you think it is a good idea to put a subscription option or should I collect email (Build email list)?

  5. Hey Navin,

    As a business, we heavily rely on email marketing. With all the subscribers we have and new ones we are getting every day, we can really convert on the existing one.
    Awesome article.

  6. Hi Navin,

    I like your blog post, the title alone is a woke up call for content marketers who do not have an email list to take advantage of this amazing digital marketing channel to grow their businesses.
    There are amazing benefits of email marketing, such as being low cost. Anybody can utilize it. Email marketing also helps you reach your target market wherever they are and at the right time of day or night.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Moss,

      A warm welcome to QuestionCage, good to see you. Glad you like the blog post.

      Well said as the email marketing is very cost effective when it compared to another promotional strategy and converting too, so there is no reason one should avoid it at all.

      I believe that building email list should be done from the very first day of blogging.

      Have a great day ahead!

  7. Hi Navin,

    Email marketing is one of those important things that a blogger should start from day one. It helps to build a list of loyal readers who comes on your site regularly. It also helps to pitch the right product to your audience directly.

    Email list are the great way to boost conversion in real time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Navin,
    Great post. I do have one question. You mentioned about changing the look of your email headers, etc. Wouldn’t that go against the self-branding? I mean you want people to know you and your look but if it keeps changing, that doesn’t sound right to me.

    Maybe I’m missing something.

    I have to do more email marketing.

  9. If you are a professional blogger, you should plan and invest in email marketing. And this should start from the beginning. Thank you Navin for pointing it out. There are various free email marketing software like MailChimp you can start with. Thank you for the tips.

    • Yeah, you are right doing things right from the scratch will help in the long run and could be a big time saver, as sooner or later one will realize the importance of Email Marketing and want to jump into.

      That’s probably the reason many established bloggers use to keep on saying learn first and then earn.

      Have a great day ahead, and keep visiting!

  10. Hey Navin!

    I love email marketing!

    Every blogger should be building their subscribers list from the very start. It is very important to start building that email list because it will take time and effort to build big numbers. The bigger your email list the better.

    Of course, you also have to work on building a relationship with your subscribers in order to have good conversion rates.

    There is no point in having an email list if your subscribers are not opening all of your emails and clicking on your links. The rapport you build with your email list is as important.

    Thank you for sharing your email marketing tips here! 🙂

    Best regards! 😀

    • Hey Freddy,

      Good to know you love email marketing too:) I do agree with you, every blogger or a service provider, should collection emails from the very first day, though there are folks who are a bit shy or probably don’t realize the importance of it. But, sooner or later, they come into the track.

      It’s crucial to connect with your readers closely, instead just trying to sell the product you provide. It’s all about the healthy and fair relationship which could help both going forward. Though, few technical and user experience of the emails are also a big concern.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate it…

      Have a great day ahead!


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