7 Proven Strategies to Help Your Site Get to the First Page of Google Fast

Many businesses are struggling to improve on the ranking of their website on Google. Due to several algorithm updates that happen every year, SEO experts and businesses alike will be forced to alter the techniques to improve or maintain their ranks.

There are 7 proven strategies to help your site get to the first page of Google fast.

These SEO tactics will assist to maintain and enhance the ranking of your website even if there is an announcement of new updates.

7 proven strategies to help your site get to the first page of Google fast

1. Create Fresh Content with High-Volume Keywords

Keeping your website content updated with a copy that includes your primary keywords will assist in boosting your website’s ranking on the search engines.

You can create Content in the form of blog posts or web page updates, however, whichever the case, ensure your content is useful to your target audience.

When it comes to content and the search engines, an important factor you should consider is how fresh your content is.

Search engines will reward your site if you are consistent with providing new content by moving it up towards the first page of Google.

Here is why being the top of google pages are important

google first page

This is where your blog comes in. By creating quality blog content on a consistent basis, you are assisting in the creation of more indexable pages for the search engines and more opportunities to reach your leads.

You need to have original, unique, and quality content in a long format. This will help your site to rank higher in search engines. Articles of 500 words are no longer recommended by Google.

This is a thing of the past. With several articles that compete for the same keywords, Nowadays Google treats word count as content for link building.

2. Link Building & Establishing Authority

You have created content that search engines can understand, that people are searching for and that answers their questions.

However, those qualities alone do not mean it will rank. In order to rank higher than the rest of the sites with those qualities, you will need to establish the authority. This can be accomplished through earning the links from the authoritative websites, nurturing an audience who will help amplify your content and building your brand.

Google has confirmed that quality content and links are the most important SEO ranking factors. Trustworthy sites will tend to link to the other trustworthy sites, also spammy sites tend to link to other spammy sites. You should have a healthy link profile. This indicates to search engines that you are earning your links as well as authority fairly. 

 3. Use of optimized domain URL, branded

Best SEO practices dictate the following about URLs: Use – to separate words in the URL,

The Use of lowercase characters, you can avoid the use of unnecessary words and characters, Use the target keywords within the URL and do not stuff the keyword.

 4. Perfect CMS like WordPress

CMS has been proven to be beneficial to search engine optimization (SEO) as it is used to manage a huge collection of web materials such as HTML documents and associated images. Then, here comes Web CMS, which facilitates the creation and control of content, editing, and other vital Web functions.

WCMS is designed to simplify the publication of such web materials. This system allows an individual to submit content even without adequate knowledge of HTML and uploading files on the World Wide Web.

WordPress is generally used for blogging purposes but they are also used for SEO. One can easily attach widgets on their website without editing the HTML code, this is why it is perfect for SEO newbies as it does not require HTML coding knowledge.

WordPress makes the usual blogging features more advanced by being easily visible on search engines, allows having multiple author capability, and others, WordPress allows multiple authors to post content on a site and the automatic filters enable easy text formatting.

5. Technical optimization such as Site speed optimization and mobile responsiveness

Website Speed optimization, another known ranking signal is website speed. Google is stating the importance of speed in all of its SEO studies and recommendations confirming that faster websites will perform better compared to slower websites. Tackling website speed is a technical issue and it requires making changes to your website and infrastructure to get good results.

  • you can do the following to make your website load faster
  • Upgrade your server to use 64 bits operating system
  • Optimize the size of your images, Minimize the use of plugins
  • Upgrade WordPress and all plugins to the latest versions
  • Use asynchronous JavaScript loading

Mobile Friendliness, It is not optional to Have a website that is mobile-friendly. Most of your users are on mobile.

Since the mobile-first index by Google was introduced, when you lack a fast and mobile-friendly website, this will make your rankings to suffer. Mobile-friendliness forms part of the technical SEO since once you develop a theme that is mobile-friendly, and is configured properly, you will not deal with it again.

There are several things you need to know about mobile and SEO.

  • Your mobile website needs to have the same content as that of your desktop site. 
  • Your mobile website should load in less than 6 seconds (when tested on 3G).
  • Avoid using popups on mobile

 6. Perfect On-page 

The on-page optimization techniques include the use of unique content, not spamming, not using the same word, again and again, and using the keyword in the title and h1, h2 and h3 

Use target keywords in the first four words of the title tag, the title tag is located at the top of the browser, and not on the main page of your site. It means that the title tag is not visible to your site visitors.

But, it is very important for the search engines for the following two reasons:

  • It is shown as the page title and serves as an indicator for search engines of what keywords are on the page.
  • The title tag will be used as the title in search engine results where a page is shown in the search results, it encourages users to click on the link.

Use one H1 tag for the page title, H1, H2, H3 are the content that will design tags used in HTML. They are assisting in the appearance of the text on a page in your browser. Search engines will look at such tags in the hierarchical order, this helps in determining which content found on the page is important.

H1 tag should contain the keyword, on placing one H1 tag on each page, ensure this tag has the target keyword for the page. H1 tag for the search engines refers to content importance. 

Using Yoast to write title and Meta descriptions, Create Meta descriptions and SEO titles with Yoast SEO. Write SEO titles and Meta descriptions that people will want to click, Check what your page looks like in the Google search results, and Set templates for Meta descriptions and SEO titles.

Focus key phrase check, The Yoast SEO analysis will check whether you have used the focus key phrase in your Meta description, slug and SEO title. This is the phrase you would like your post to rank for. If you need people to be clicking on your result, it is important to use the key phrase in the Meta description, slug, and title.

7. White hat off-page SEO: How to Rank Without Breaking the Rules

White hat SEO” is the SEO tactics which are in line with the major search engine terms and conditions, including Google. This is any practice which improves the search rankings on a (SERP) search engine results page, and maintains your website integrity and stay within the terms of service of the search engines. 

They include no low-quality links, not spamming the site with the same anchor, not getting the link from the irrelevant website, not getting backlinks from spammy looking website. Others are like Offering quality services and content, mobile-friendliness and Fast site loading times

If you fail to engage in White Hat SEO practices only, your site will be banned from Google including other search engines. 

Being banned may be led to a drastic decrease in website traffic. And the best way to create an ethical and sustainable successful business and website is by implementing practices of White Hat SEO.

You need to follow the below steps to ensure your SEO methods are strictly white hat.

The offering of Quality Contents and Services, Creation of high-quality content that meets the needs of your visitors and assists in solving their problems. Then focus on using those keywords in great content, such as how-to articles and videos that match the intent of the keyword and your end-user.

Use Descriptive, Keyword-Rich Meta Tags, you should follow best practices for Meta descriptions creation for each of your website pages to assist users and search engines in discovering your content.


No more guessing on what will work for SEO. Now you know all the effective solutions which will get your website in the right direction. These are the same top 7 ranking strategies that a leading search engine optimization expert company would use to get their client site ranked. Now the only thing that you need to do is to take action. 

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